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LATISSE is an FDA-approved treatment to grow eyelashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes.

Heather mentioned, "Before I bought Latisse I did research. It was very intriguing and I thought it was actually going to work I have been using it for almost 3 months now and I'm still on the same bottle I got one of the bigger ones and I have noticed zero change in my lashes it's very disappointing as I spent $250 on this product for it to basically do absolutely nothing. Save your money and buy castor oil instead."


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Surgery Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"I only gave it 1 star because you can't do zero. I was a scheduler and I cried nearly every day. Do yourself a favor and RUN. From the management to the miserable co-workers- nothing is worth this. RUNNNNN Cons: Bullies, bad managers, mean doctors"

Front Desk Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"They will try to entice you with the “benefits”, but they are not worth it, you can’t even use them. You receive PTO, but it’s impossible to get time off approved. Management is HORRIBLE and inappropriate - I’m surprised they haven’t been reported. You will only receive help or friendliness if they like you. Managers won’t even acknowledge you unless they need to yell at you. They do not care about their employees or their health. No one is on the same page, each location does things differently and you’re expected to travel to each location without any additional training. Speaking of training, there is none. You will just get a call about how you messed up and that’s how you learn. Most of the providers are rude, there are a handful of good ones, but otherwise they are arrogant and mean. Cons: Literally everything"

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terribly management, no real HR person, the HR person is basically management back up, the management is trash with no education, no respect, not understanding, no empathy, drama, everyone complaining about patients, off site parking Cons: Terribly management, no HR support, terrible pay and bene"

derm tech (Former Employee) says

"Management plots people against each other . They encourage people to lie . Then they will move you to another game office for no reason . They don’t care if it adds another hour to your commute . They have a very high turn over rate . If you are t in the managements fav group then you are treated very badly ."

Surgery Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and poor communication between departments and personnel. Very unwelcoming group. Difficult and stressful work environment. Poor onboarding of new employees. You're just expected to learn on your own and get punished for your mistakes. Really think twice about applying here!"

Patient Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend the bookkeeping house as a friendly or fun place to work. The employees work really hard and most of the management team is cold and unfriendly. Cant even say hi or bye, or see how you are doing throughout the day, unless of course you are one of their "In People". The workplace culture is very unwelcoming. Turn over is very high."

Certified Medical Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The management is slipping. I have actually advise people to try their luck other places. The company is trying to improve their image to new patients, however they are running their employees into the ground by overworking them, expecting a large set of task to be accomplished in a small frame of time, and overall creating a more stressful environment. The management shames you for being sick and does not allow a lot of leniency for time off. Definitely DO NOT recommend working her if you are a single mother."

Patient Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"everything in the company its ok but when you come to your supervisor asking for help regarding having issues with a co-worker and they not helping make me feel like they don't care about me as a employee"

Patient Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Everyone hates their lives, its seriously the most depressing job. You have no support from management. Don't even bother asking for help because you wont get it. The most frustrating aspect of the job is that the company has full potential to be amazing but they keep the same terrible managers running the show. No one communicates, the front desk is piled with work and no one takes them into considerations. The techs are under paid. No one is happy everyday everyone walks in miserably. The only benefit is the providers, they are amazing and really love their jobs. Too bad management cant get it together or completely restructure. The favoritism is VERY real. I managed to lay just below the radar, they weren't fond of me because I didn't kiss up to them I did my job and more, yet I felt like there was a target on my back because I am younger then most other employees and because I didn't plan on making this terrible job into a career. Really only liked the schedule. I had my own manager throw me under the bus for something that he told me I could do. Its really not a lively/happy place to work. A lot of mean girls who glare at you and gossip. Cons: Gossip, Favortism, Managment, No support"

Dermatology Technician- CMA (Former Employee) says

"Great first place to have as a medical assistant lots of training and hands on work."

Ophthalmic Technician/Retinal Photographer (Current Employee) says

"There are certain aspects of cascade that make getting through the day difficult. There is a high turnover rate because the new workers are forced to work more than senior technicians. When people start working more than a year they sit back and ignore charts all together but are willing to tell you to do them. Coworkers are kind but most of the offices are very clique."

Dermatology Lead CMA (Current Employee) says

"I would rather not discuss anything in a rating other than great staff! They ate a large company with many offices. I appreciate many thinks at cascade eye and skin center"

MEDICAL ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"Great place to learn new skills and move on with. Very clicky and talk behind everyone's backs tell you what you want to hear. Hard place to get raises at have excuses as to why you do not get a raise."

BARISTA/OFFICE MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Cascade is a steady job with great benefits but there is a lot of unmanaged drama between employees, dishonesty from management and favoritism. Advancements are withheld for those that management likes, not for those who are the most qualified. Cons: Management favoritism and dishonesty"

Dermatology Technician (Current Employee) says

"I've always loved to be part of a fast-paced work environment due to my past work ethic and experience in the military service. Every day that I go to work it is always productive and busy. I work on the dermatology side so I never knew how much could go wrong with the skin until I started working there. This is my first job in the medical field since I've graduated from tech school and I absolutely love it. Of course, there are days when things are not in favor, but I never let it take away from my responsibilities and professionalism in the work place. I hope for more experiences like it! Cons: Typical gossip, group things in the work place that take away from professionalism and integrity." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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